This article is for people who, having no idea of ​​mechanics, decide to undertake an adventure trip such as racing or Raids Amateurs and, sometimes, low cost. Some examples are in which we have participated and know first-hand MAROC CHALLENGE, PANDA RAID, VESPA RAID, etc …
We define “amateur”: we do not charge for running it and “low cost” since they have a controlled component that is speed, being affordable products that are magnified in our imagination making us feel like a Dakar.
“All this does not exempt us from having a minimum budget and a minimum of preparation.”


The budget will be random influencing the vehicle and registration of the test, you must also have the possibility of making camping cheaper.


Yes, even if you do not believe it, it is not the same to go on tourism as to do a raid, we will take into account the distance of the stages and mechanical inconveniences, optimism and good use of resources will be essential. Very important to sleep.

On a physical level, sleeping and resting will have an impact when it comes to not making mistakes that in the case of the motorcycle can be dangerous. Stretching and equipping ourselves with a girdle can be highly recommended.


When we talk about navigation and I am going to focus on Moroccan territory that does not scare you at all, it is almost impossible to get lost. What it is about is to follow the sections to be able to fully enjoy the routes that the organization has been working on for some time, if the route is not followed we will be left without landscapes and experiences, in addition to being able to put ourselves in danger. There are several modalities.

There are two modalities:


A Roadbook is a book that consists of some indications, arrows, and a few kilometers to warn of the next indication, there is a greater possibility of not completing the route, but it tests the co-pilot’s ability to interpret.


The GPS, in this case we have to follow a track, that is, an imaginary line, until we reach our destination, here the separation with respect to the layout and maximum speeds etc. are taken into account.
This is very schematic, each test has variations and must be consulted before encouraging us to run.

On a physical level, sleeping and resting will have an impact when it comes to not making mistakes that in the case of the motorcycle can be dangerous.
Stretching and equipping ourselves with a girdle can be highly recommended


It could extend me a lot, but I will do it in following articles, there are some fundamental factors when choosing them.
The first factor is mechanical simplicity, it is more enjoyable, it is better arranged and it will give fewer problems by being simpler. The most important thing when acquiring them is to think about the few means that we are going to find, it is essential to investigate about the genetics of your future car, if it was already bad and gave problems when you were young, do not think that it will not be twenty years older , the idea is to go and return rolling to enjoy.
One of the most important factors is the WEIGHT, yes, this is the most important thing and I can’t get enough of saying it, escape from very heavy vehicles and if you don’t, don’t load them with unnecessary accessories, even if they are very handsome.

Vehicle Preparation:

Comprehensive review all fluids out, belts, sleeves, spark plugs and if you can check the clutch, it will suffer a lot and most importantly, a vehicle with more than 20 years and that you intend to squeeze through the sand needs to clean the radiator or buy a new one .

In addition to essential spare parts such as straps, it is essential to carry oils and filters, a couple of each in case they become saturated or break with any impact from stones. Bearings and shock absorbers if you want to lighten the load with checking them would be worth it.

Wheels minimum 2 and some camera to be able to get out of the trouble apart from kits repairs punctures since these are the most common breakdown in this type of tests.

We will also provide protections to safeguard the mechanics and integrity of our vehicle, to which we can add an increase in height, always without forcing the transmission working angle. We also add protection to lighting and acoustic warning since it is essential in these countries to see how to be seen and for this we will need to constantly use the horn.


Apart from passport medical insurance etc, regarding our vehicle, updated green card, a copy of the documentation that, if we have problems, can help us and good travel assistance, repatriation insurance. Although then we will have to fight with the crane. Thinking that in many countries it is mandatory to leave as we enter, we can neither sell nor abandon our car. In case of problems we would see ourselves fighting with the Embassy. So hide the documentation well, I usually either carry it on top or remove the carpet and put it underneath.

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