5Special is a family business with an authentic story. Our clothing is created for the contemporary adventurer, for hard work and play. Timeless designs originating from the motor world. 5Special is born from our experiences on the motorcycle, where ever it might take us on or off road. We love enduro adventures through the forests, mountains and deserts, dusty flat track racing, and road trips with friends to find waves and epic locations to enjoy life outdoors.

Our collection is produced ethically in Galicia and Portugal in local artisan workshops.

5Special combines comfort, quality and functionality. Our gear is built to last.


We pride ourselves in supporting innovation combined with the invaluable skills of artisans, where hard-earned experience and knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next. That is why we take great care in the design and manufacturing of our clothing, using only the best suitable materials combined with the best craftsmanship.

We respect the environment as well as the work of all the people involved in the process.

We are creators of the Motor Festival Map, a map where you can find your next trip.

We invite you to join us.

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