About us?

5Special is not just a logo, it is born from an authentic story. The search for adventure and the customization of our vehicles makes our brand unique.

It is our reason for being, to share our experiences with the world.

Throughout the map we find inspiration. When we explore epic places… through mountains, deserts, roads or seas where we can find waves.

We create collections with a timeless design that adapts perfectly to our life experiences. We produce ethically in Galicia and Portugal.

Our Process

We work with local artisans in Europe (Galicia and Portugal), we are proud to support innovation combined with the wisdom of artisans, where hard-earned experience and knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next.

Our products are timeless, made with sustainable materials. Some of them with surplus fabrics, Upcycling.

We are creators of the Motor Festival Map, a map where you can find your next trip.

We invite you to join us.