One day gathered in the year 2017 thinking about our new madness we thought, we are going to buy a Royal Enfield Continental GT, and we are going to put it to the test to break it, yes BREAK IT, and for this the first thing we thought was “ok” we do flat track.

We decided to buy a Royal and not another because it is an iconic brand, which has been moving the world since 1983, we also share its adventurous vision, its mission of being unstoppable reaching all parts of the world, Himalayas, India, etc …

In this case we chose the R.E Continental GT 2017 model to test it and verify that it is still as indestructible today.

After a preparation process, but respecting the originality of the motorcycle, we have taken it to the limit by climbing mountains, sailing seas running along beaches and competing in the main events of motorcycles and flat track races in Spanish and European territory.

We chose the Continental GT for its greater power and for the reliability and resistance of a chassis, the result of an agreement with HARRYS, an English manufacturer of frames for racing motorcycles. “THE ROYAL” allowed creating a motorcycle for flat tracks but without neglecting the possibility of making dirt tracks. To achieve this, we varied the height of the suspensions improving their travel and we included Dunlop K180 tires that surprised us with their results in both sand, mud and road.

We lighten the rear by incorporating a seat assembly, C-Racer seat made of ABS plastic, very resistant to falls.

At the front we find a plate number plate to match the metal tank and a grille headlight, handlebars, mirrors, footboard, brakes were also modified. Our fork protectors, created by us and manufactured in Spain – universal and valid for multiple motorcycle models – protect the fork retainers and reaffirm the flat tracker aesthetic with which we started this project.

The engine remained original, but the filter and the Power Commander control unit developed by Hitchcocks were changed. Finally we incorporate a Supertrapp exhaust that together with the Royal engine highlights its ballistic origins.

After this preparation we went with her to the best European events, starting the challenge “how to break a Royal”:

FIRST: Vintage Racing Spirit, the first European flat indoor track organized in Lyon, during the Motorcycle Show.

SECOND: We continue with Wheels and Waves (Biarritz, France) where we participate in “El Rollo”, a flat track race at the San Sebastián racecourse, sharing track with Steve Caballero and Ferran Mas, champion of flat track in several European competitions.

THIRD: Motorbeach (Asturias) where we ran “El donut” flat track, a circuit with a good start to the ravine;) and Free Riders (A Coruña), its first edition “La ratonera”.

The events served us for our Royal and to reiterate our purpose of “breaking it”.

FOURTH: After all the flat track races, we modified the rear suspension and added a crossero handlebar to our motorcycle. With these changes we went to the Classic offroad challenge, organized by Ton-up, touring the Portuguese mountains, where La Royal surprised again by solving well through risky trialeras.

FIFTH: As we were not comfortable, we were proposed to participate in a Sand race in Hossegor France, organized by Hapchot Wheels, and there we went to run on the beach, we surfed her waves, a unique opportunity.

After three years of testing, crazy and traveling, we only missed a little more engine power, because the reliability is more than proven, thus managing to maintain that tireless traveler spirit. In its last phase we have converted it to Scrambler.

See: “The Royal Scrambler Africa”. “The Royal Scrambler Africa”.

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